A work placement in homelessness

We are always looking for people who want to develop their career in social care. We can provide work placements for students who are looking to expand their knowledge and skills.

Rayhan joined our Homelessness Prevention team for his student industrial placement from Leicester University. He shares his experience and thoughts of working with people at risk of homelessness.

“I chose a placement at NCHA as I am really interested in understanding the history of mental health. For my placement I have been working as a Support Worker in the Homelessness Prevention team. It’s not a role I had any previous knowledge of, but I was excited to join the team.

“Even with having no prior experience, NCHA have been great in providing me training in first aid, support planning, and so much more. My team are amazing and my mentor has so much knowledge to share. She understands me really well and has been so patient and helpful.

“I feel like this placement has taught me a lot of patience. I am able to communicate and understand what the service users are going through.

“The favourite part of my job is finding a safe place for people to call home and making a difference to their lives. They are so happy to have their own shower which is something we all take for granted. I really enjoy the positive impact we make on people’s lives and their mental health.

“I would really like to explore my options more in this field of work, as I am really passionate about helping people.

 “It’s not just been an experience to put on my resume, it’s been a life experience. I joined with an open mind, and I have discovered so many things about myself. My outlook and opinions have already changed so much in the four months I have been working at NCHA. I would 100% recommend any student contemplating a placement to do it.”

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