Financial information for lenders

Value for money

We work hard to make sure that our money is spent wisely and that the books are balanced, but we also like to go a little bit further: we try to get more for our money by investing in ways that have a beneficial impact on local communities.

Each year we publish a value for money statement to detail how our funds have been used.

Environmental, social and governance report

We have a responsibility to make improvements to the environment, the people we serve, and the governance structure underpinning what we do. Our first environmental, social and governance report brings together our highlights in these areas.

In the report we cover:

  • The affordability of our homes
  • Building safety and quality
  • Climate change
  • Customer involvement
  • Additional support for customers
  • Our structure and governance.

This will be our benchmark for improvement in the coming years, pushing for more homes, great services and better lives.

Annual report and accounts

We publish an annual report and accounts for each of the companies that comprise the NCHA group.