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Corporate accountability

NCHA carries out its work in an open, transparent and accountable manner. In order to be accountable to our customers and stakeholders we have set up this accountability section of our corporate website to help you to see how we manage NCHA and deliver our services. Should you require any additional information then please contact us.

We have included documents under the following headings:

We have carefully considered and decided not to produce lists of amounts paid as we do not consider that lists of data without context provides meaningful information to potential users of our services but does cost the organisation time and money to produce. This would create inefficiency within the organisation whilst contributing little to transparency and accountability.

Value for money and social value

Last year, Nottingham Community Housing Association spent more than £100 million. We work hard to make sure that our money is spent wisely and that the books are balanced, but we also like to go a little bit further: we try to get more for our money by investing in ways that have a beneficial impact on local communities.

Our Value for Money Self Assessment 2019 sets out our approach to the assessment and delivery of value for money.

Environmental standard

Our Environmental Standard sets out how we will do our part to protect the environment and contribute to better places for future generations to live in. It sets out our ambitions, and how we will monitor our performance. This will help us to reduce our impact on the environment, mitigate our environmental risks, reduce carbon emissions and continually improve our environmental footprint.

This standard applies to NCHA and its subsidiaries. It describes how sustainability contributes to the Group’s vision 'More homes, great services, better lives' by ensuring responsible development, creating efficiency savings, and creating a better environment for our neighbourhoods. 

This standard covers three targeted areas; namely our business operations, our existing homes and those under development.