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Coronavirus - your questions answered

Where I live

I’m in the at risk category, not showing any symptoms but self-isolating. What support can I get from you?

It is vital you tell us your circumstances so we can support you with any tenancy related queries you may have. Understanding who is at risk in our properties is crucial in being able to deliver services where they are needed.

The Government are offering support to extremely vulnerable people, which might include getting deliveries of essential supplies like food. You can register for this online.

If you don’t meet the Government threshold for support, or you are having problems completing the online assessment, we have a tenancy support team who might be able to offer you support - please call 0800 013 8555.

Should we be telling people not to come into communal entrances, hallways and stairs?

These areas will remain open for access, however treat them as you would any public space, so ensure that you follow the government’s guidance on social distancing, hand washing and not touching your face with hands that have not been washed.

We would urge any potential visitors to follow the government’s instruction to stay at home, with no unnecessary journeys or social contact.

Will communal lounges and rooms be open?

In order to minimise person to person contact and allow us to direct our cleaning teams to priority areas, we have decided to close the majority of our communal lounges/rooms.

What support can you provide if I have need to or have previously reported anti-social behaviour?

We will continue to deliver our anti-social behaviour services, however our focus will be on high risk cases. Please continue to report any concerns to us and we will consider what action we can take during this time.

Our presence on estates and in people’s homes will be significantly reduced and will only take place if absolutely necessary and in line with the current guidelines.

We will still be able to access CCTV footage where required, and for high risk cases will continue to work with partner agencies.

Will grounds maintenance and window cleaning continue?

NCHA have decided that communal grounds maintenance and window cleaning is a non-essential service, and will cease until further notice. If you have any urgent health and safety concerns about grounds maintenance, please contact the Rents and Service charge team and we will liaise with contractors to resolve the problem. We will keep this under review and follow government guidelines on when we can safely recommence this work.