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Coronavirus - your questions answered


Are NCHA still completing repairs?

Due to the impact of coronavirus, we are focusing on emergency and priority repairs, which may include:

  • Gas leak
  • Burst pipe or uncontrolled leaks
  • Total loss of power or lighting (not caused by your appliances tripping the supply)
  • Reports of no heating or hot water (temporary heating will be offered if the repair cannot be completed immediately)
  • Any repair necessary to keep the property secure and weatherproof
  • Blocked drains and toilets (if there is only one toilet in your home and you have tried to clear the blockage)
  • Flooding to your home
  • Security issues with external doors and windows
  • Damage to the structure of the property or damage caused by fire.
We will aim to attend to these emergency and priority repairs within 24 hours where possible.

We will continue to deliver the following property services where we have carried out risk assessments and can comply with health and safety guidelines (where we have materials and resources available):

  • External and communal area painting
  • Adaptations to empty properties where customers are awaiting hospital discharge
  • Installation and repairs to fencing
  • Painting and repairs to void properties that have been identified for priority/vulnerable customers
  • External and communal stock surveys/estate inspections
  • Inspections for health and safety purposes where required.
All other current or newly reported repairs will be logged and put on hold for the moment, including any work that has been identified as legal disrepair.

When completing repairs, we will wipe down any surfaces we have worked on and wash or sanitise our hands again as we leave.

All of our teams are following the current government guidelines. This means that if any of our employees are unwell for whatever reason we have asked them to remain at home.

Do I have to let you in to undertake safety inspections/repairs?

We are continuing with the checks we do to keep everyone safe in their homes and it's important that we carry out these checks as safely as possible.

Our employees have been instructed to ask certain questions before visiting for an appointment for essential works. If you inform us that you are self-isolating or shielding, we’ll make the appointment for after this period if possible.

Our team or our contractors are continuing to carry out the following safety inspections and service visits to keep you safe:

  • Electrical periodic testing and reporting
  • Gas servicing and safety checks
  • Lift servicing and insurance inspections
  • Solid fuel service and safety checks
  • Water safety (including Legionella) assessments and checks
  • Asbestos inspections
  • Fire risk assessments and works arising from these
  • Service visits to check fire alarm and emergency lighting systems.
We will write to you if we need to access your property. If you are unable to keep an appointment or you have concerns relating to coronavirus, please contact us on 0800 317 861 and one of our team will support you to make alternative arrangements.

What if I have a repair and someone in my household is self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms?

When booking an appointment, we ask you to inform us if you are self-isolating or shielding and we’ll check before visiting on the day in case this has changed.

We will continue to carry out emergency and immediately dangerous repairs for households where people are self-isolating with coronavirus symptoms. However, we will require you to follow a few simple steps which are in accordance with the guidance from Public Health England:

  • To remain at least two metres away from any worker, or ideally in another room, with the door closed. We will ask that doors and windows remain open to ventilate the area.
  • The engineer will wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and use certified hand sanitiser before and after the visit, but they will be required to leave the gloves on site for you to dispose of.

If you are unable to follow these requests, you will appreciate that unfortunately our engineer will remove themselves from the property.

What if I want to reschedule an appointment?

Call 0800 317 861 or email and our Property Services team will look to cancel or make another appointment for you. Please give us a minimum of 24 hours notice of cancellation where possible.

What about my kitchen or bathroom replacement, will it still go ahead?

We have temporarily suspended all our planned improvement work to customers’ homes to install things like new kitchens, bathrooms and boilers. We will reschedule this work once the coronavirus crisis is over.