Text messages

Our mobile number is 0783 663 6607. To use our text service, please make sure we have your mobile number saved in your account - you can phone us to check, or login to My NCHA to view the contact details we have on file for you.

Once we've got your mobile number saved in your account, you can can send us a text for an automated update on your rent balance, or to request that we contact you:

  • Text BALANCE to 0783 663 6607 ...and you’ll receive a text message with your rent account balance (All details relating to your rent account will be based on your balance at the close of business the previous day. Some transactions may take up to two working days to appear on your account.)
  • Text PAY to 0783 663 6607 ...and you’ll receive a text message with details of the last transaction against your account
  • Text RENT to 0783 663 6607 ...and your Money Matters Co-ordinator will call you back*
  • Text REPAIR to 0783 663 6607 ...and a member of the property services team will call you back to discuss the details of your repair*

The small print

*If you've requested that we call you back, we'll call you within three working days, as set out in our service standards.

Text messages to this number are charged at your usual rate, or count as part of your monthly allocation of messages. Replies to your phone are free for you to receive. The number 0783 663 6607 is a text message service only and cannot be be used for phone calls.

You have the right to opt out of ‘marketing’ text messages, such as us letting you know about events and training opportunities in your area. To opt out of these text messages, please message STOP to 0783 663 6607.

Please be aware that information about rents, repairs and the day to day running of your tenancy is not considered marketing and you may still receive text messages concerning these matters.