Safety and communal areas - coronavirus

Gas safety checks

Gas safety checks are very important when it comes to keeping you safe in your home, and we're continuing to carry them out. 

If you have an appointment booked, or you receive communication to book an appointment and you're self-isolating and/or have a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case, please contact us as soon as possible.

This is so that we can make special arrangements with you to enable the safety check to be completed. The engineer completing the gas safety check will also contact you immediately before visiting your home and talk you through the special arrangements in accordance with government guidelines.

Safety inspections and repairs

If someone needs to visit your home to carry out a repair or safety inspection, please tell us if you're self-isolating and/or have a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case in your home.

Communal areas

Our scheme managers and contractors continue to look after communal fire safety, emergency lighting checks, asbestos, lift safety, heating checks, electrical reports and legionella checks.

We will also be doing our best to keep bin stores clean and in a safe condition. Please help us by bagging up your rubbish properly to prevent spillages and avoid blocking access to the bin store so that it can continue to be emptied.

Scheme managers will continue to clean communal areas in line with Public Health England guidelines. If we are needed to clean potentially affected areas as an emergency we will also do this.

Finally, if you have any urgent concerns about health and safety issues in your communal area, please contact us.