Moving house - coronavirus 

The information below does not apply to home owners including shared owners, and supported housing.  

We continue to let properties in line with our usual allocation processes. We are meeting new customers remotely if possible. Where viewings are done in person our employees will be following hygiene controls and practice social distancing.


If you’re applying for a property, but are self-isolating, please wait until the end of your self-isolation period before moving. Please be aware that we may be unable to hold properties if you’re at the start of your isolation period and the property is ready to be let.

If you've handed in your notice to move out but are now having to self-isolate, please contact us so we can talk to you about your options - we'll be as flexible as possible.

Keeping you safe

If you're applying for a property but are concerned about moving house because you have a health condition for which you were shielding or that you're just worried about having too much contact with people, we can arrange a ‘virtual’ viewing of the property you've bid for and a ‘virtual’ sign up if that would feel more reassuring.

We're still operating the safe working practices that we have throughout the pandemic when we do viewings or sign ups in person. We maintain social distance, we’re more than happy to wear a mask and we still use hand sanitiser before we meet you.

Please talk to us about any concerns you have so that we can work with you to make your sign up as safe as possible.

Paperwork and ID

You will still need to provide us with valid ID, along with your Right to Rent a Home (immigration status) in order for your property application to go through. If you're struggling to produce the required ID, please contact us as soon as possible. You may be able to reapply for another NCHA home in the future, once you have the necessary ID available.


Exchanges are still going ahead and we’re processing the requests we've received. We’ll talk to you about holding until current guidance changes.

Your request may be delayed if the other person doesn’t want to move, or if the other landlord isn’t processing exchanges. If the exchange is going ahead, we’ll inspect your property remotely using a video call. If you’re unable to do this we’ll hold until we can visit you to do a normal inspection.

If you're self-isolating, please contact us so we can discuss whether the exchange should be delayed.

We'll aim to complete the process within the 42-day timeline, but this may change due to delays caused by coronavirus.