The coronavirus pandemic means we've had to make some changes to the way we support you. Across our services, where required, we’ll continue to:

  • Adhere to guidelines relating to social distancing and hygiene/infection control.
  • Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for tasks that we carry out, based on current guidelines.

We’ll do our best to work towards our usual service standards, but there may be some delays. Unfortunately, these are due to the ongoing impact of the pandemic and are outside of our control.

As the government removes restrictions, there are still steps you can take to stay safe. Follow government guidance to reduce any risk of catching or spreading coronavirus.

Changes to our care and support services

Due to the pandemic we’ve had to change our care and support services, to keep customers and employees safe.

While the government is removing remaining restrictions, we’ll still be following guidance relevant to these services. If you have coronavirus symptoms, we’ll talk to you about the steps we can take to prevent the spread of the virus.

There may be times where we’re not able to follow your usual support plan or offer you the same level of service described in Your Guide.

We'll continue to take a risk-based approach to the services we provide and follow government guidance to minimise harm and maximise support.