Turning spaces into homes

A member of our Community Support team, Emma has been a vital support to many this year.

The customers referred to Emma often have nowhere else to turn. Their finances have run dry and they can’t get hold of the basics they need.

Some have fled domestic abuse, others have been homeless and some are moving into their new home with little or nothing.

Emma applies to charities on their behalf to get the items they need. She’s worked tirelessly, sourcing over £10,000 worth of goods, including flooring, white goods, beds, even funding for school uniforms.

She’s helping some of our most vulnerable customers create a home for themselves.

Emma comments: “It’s a real joy to do this for people. My most memorable case this year was a lady leaving an abusive relationship. She’d moved from refuge and needed everything. We were able to get her donations of furniture, beds for the children, flooring, a cooker, even her first month’s rent.  She was so grateful, so appreciative.

“Even something as simple as getting someone a cooker. It means they don’t have to rely on takeaways and help from friends. It means they can plan meals and cook for themselves.

“It gives me such a warm feeling to know that I’ve made people’s lives better. And for those customers we’ve helped, it means the world to them to know that someone cares.”

Supporting our Homes for Cathy commitments

Emma’s vital work is helping us fulfil pledge 5 in our Homes for Cathy commitments: ‘To commit to meeting the needs of vulnerable tenant groups’. This helps our customers to create sustainable, secure tenancies.

Read more about our Homes for Cathy commitments, to support people in the East Midlands out of homelessness.