Thank You Day 2021

On national Thank You Day, our Executive Team have words of gratitude for our NCHA colleagues.  Paul Moat, Chief Executive 

I’d like to use this day to say thank you to everyone who works at NCHA. The response of all of my colleagues to the challenges of the pandemic has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

What you have all done over the last 16 months to support our services, our customers and each other is testament to the culture and the values of NCHA and of each of you.

I’m sure that we face further challenges as we navigate through the next year but I’m confident that we will rise up to meet the challenge thanks to all of you.

Holly Dagnall, Director of Homes and Wellbeing

It’s thanks to the commitment and hard work of our colleagues that throughout the pandemic NCHA has continued to provide vital homes and services for our communities.

I feel lucky to be part of NCHA, we are privileged to do the work we do and we all should be thankful for that and proud individually and collectively for our achievements.

Your dedication, talent and kindness continues to bring me immense pride. So thank you.

Allan Fisher, Director of Development and Assets

Across our property teams there has been a lot of shifting to deliver services from home, arranging all types of things like contracts and legal agreements digitally, continuing to provide services in people’s homes and get people moved in, even carrying out work that would not normally be part of the day job.

So this is a thank you to everyone in the property team but also across the wider organisation. Thank you to everyone who has mucked in to keep those cogs turning and ensuring that NCHA will be as strong when we get back to our new normal. Our results speak for themselves.

Naomi Dobraszczyc, Director of Finance and Resources

Thank you for ploughing on through the disruption, uncertainty, anxiety and loss. Through all of this, the fact that you have kept going has meant that NCHA can keep going.  

Thank you for hanging in there, juggling your work and home pressures; thanks for your commitment and dedication. Thank you for wearing a mask, for carrying on, supporting NCHA and your colleagues.

In fact NCHA hasn’t just kept going. We’re busier than ever, because we haven’t stopped building and growing in this time. Every day at work I see people doing their best for NCHA. So thank you for that!