Starts at Home Day

Today we’re supporting the National Housing Federation’s Starts at Home campaign.

We’re celebrating supported housing and the positive impact it makes to people’s lives, and calling on the government for clarity on long-term funding for these vital services.

The last 18 months have shone a spotlight on the value of supported housing. Here are just a few of the amazing outcomes from the supported housing we offer.


Carla Williams, Support Worker at Linby Drive

“Stanley* had been found wandering the streets in a confused state.

“An older single man, he had shared a home with a friend for the last two decades. One day, during the peak of Covid lockdown, he’d popped out to buy essentials and when he returned home the locks had been changed.

“For two days Stanley walked the streets, trying to stay warm and make sense of his situation. Luckily a local charity found him. He was cold, hungry and very tired.

“He was referred to us at Linby Drive. We gave him a warm, clean room and the support he needed. We helped him to register with the local GP and complete housing applications.

“Stanley has now moved on to his own warden-aided flat, overlooking a beautiful park. He settling in well and spends many an hour happily watching the birds outside his window.”

Young People

Jess, Assistant Manager, Branching Out

“I came to Branching Out when I was just 16. The relationship with my family had broken down and I was homeless.

“The Support Workers helped me develop life skills and taught me how to manage money and eventually my own home. They were so great, I thought: “Wow, I want to do that one day”.

“When I was 17 NCHA offered me an apprenticeship, I then moved into admin and finally became a Support Worker. After a brief move away from NCHA, I am now back as the Assistant Manager at Branching Out.

“Only nine years ago I felt as though I had nowhere to turn. I am indebted to the team at Branching Out for supporting me to support myself. I am a firm believer that with the right support, anything is possible.”

Domestic abuse

Donna Sadler, Domestic Abuse Manager

“When Orla* first arrived at refuge she was so nervous and didn’t even have the strength to make a decision on her own. I was really concerned by how vulnerable she was.

“Over the last year we have witnessed the most amazing transformation. Just before she moved out into her own place she met up with some other ladies for a coffee morning. I listened in amazement as she took control of the conversation, confidently giving advice to others. She would never had considered doing that just a few months ago.

“She has grown into a confident, outspoken women. She is thriving.”