Combating homelessness

Kirsty Youngs, Care and Support Contracts Manager, speaks on the importance of supporting World Homeless Day:

"Homelessness is a crisis we are all too aware of. We have all seen people sleeping ‘rough’ in shop doorways, or in tents by the side of the road. Unfortunately the situation is even worse than it appears on the surface, with ‘hidden homelessness’ (people living on sofas, squats or insecure accommodation) believed to account for over 60% of those experiencing homelessness.

"Today (10 October), on World Homelessness Day, people across the globe will be looking at the needs of people local to them and finding ways to get involved, to help respond to the homelessness crisis.

NCHA’s approach to homelessness

"At NCHA we have a number of services that support people who are experiencing, or at risk of homelessness. We offer temporary accommodation in hostels and emergency accommodation, we deliver support specific to the needs of young people and offer homelessness prevention services for both single people and families.

"In 2016 we joined a group of housing associations ‘Homes for Cathy’. Formed to mark the 50th anniversary of the film ‘Cathy Come Home’. We work as a collective to highlight the continuing needs of homeless people, and work to combat it.

"The group works alongside the National Housing Federation, Shelter, Crisis and have pledged to nine commitments to help alleviate homelessness. We revisited our commitments at the start of this year and reviewed how we could best meet them."