Storms may affect repairs services

Weather warnings have been issued across the East Midlands due to storms crossing our region. The safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority, so we may have to temporarily adapt the way we work.

Reporting repairs

As repair requests increase, you could see higher than normal wait times for responses to calls and emails. Non-urgent requests for repairs may take longer to complete, while we prioritise urgent requests.

Please be mindful to only contact our out of hours team, if you need to report an emergency repair.

Completing jobs

We’re keeping in close contact with our contractors so we can:

  • Monitor the number of repairs that need to be completed.
  • Ensure that materials on our building sites don’t present any risk to the local community.

Where it’s safe to, we’ll continue with internal jobs, but external work may have to be rearranged.

If we need to rearrange a repair for safety reasons, our contractors will contact you to let you know. If they’re unable to provide a new date straight away, they’ll be in touch as soon as possible to do this.

Keeping you safe

Where fences or trees have blown down, please be mindful of staying safe. Our contractors are able to assess areas where trees or fences have fallen and make this safe.

If you experience leaks, roof damage or hanging debris, please avoid these areas and move valuable items elsewhere. We’ll visit you to make these areas safe, until full repairs can be completed.

Get the info you need online

We have information on things that are your responsibility and answers to common questions. View the guidance on our repairs and manage my home pages for more on looking after your home.