Benefits of bungalow living

The primary advantage of buying a bungalow is the lack of stairs and the growing demand for level-access living.

However, due to the current shortage of land and the ever-increasing demands on developers’ profits the building of new bungalows is in steady decline.

NCHA are proud to be bringing to market new build bungalows which are incredibly rare to find. If you are thinking of purchasing a new bungalow, here are five benefits to consider:

If you’re an older homeowner or have limited mobility a single-storey home offers greater independence.

Retain value
Bungalows tend to hold their value as the demand far out ways the supply.

Easier and less expensive to maintain
There’s no stairs to hoover and it’s much easier to clean windows and guttering. And, if you’ve ever decorated the hall, stairs and landing before in a two-storey house you’ll appreciate not having to ever do it again!

Safety and privacy
Single storey living reduces the element of risk to trips and falls, they are also easier to evacuate in the event of a fire.

Energy savings
Heat rises, so in a one-level home it is distributed more evenly.

NCHA sells new shared ownership homes across the East Midlands. Search our homes to see shared ownership properties available now.

Shared ownership is a more affordable way to get on the property ladder. You buy a percentage of the home’s value, and pay rent on the rest. NCHA owns part of it — but you’re living there, you decorate it, and you decide when to sell.

Buying a percentage means a smaller deposit and smaller mortgage. It’s a sooner first step on the ladder for lots of people. Usually, you can also carry on buying shares, to own 100% of your home.