We’re LGBT+ Allies

Equality and diversity are important to us at NCHA.

During this year’s Pride Month we’re encouraging more NCHA colleagues to sign up to become LGBT+ Allies, to publically commit to support their LGBT+ colleagues and customers and stand up to discrimination.

Around 120 colleagues have already signed up as allies, demonstrating a desire to create safe and inclusive workplaces for our colleagues and homes for our customers.

Customer Lis told us: “I’ve been bullied in the past for my sexuality, but that’s all been sorted out now. It’s nice to know that the staff at NCHA are supportive of who I am should anything like that happen again. NCHA’s LGBT+ Allies programme will help customers see that they don’t need to hide their true selves in their own homes.”

Our LGBT+ Allies wear a rainbow pin badge on their lanyard and have a specially designed ID badge so you should be able to recognise them.

Promoting equality

We value our customers and colleagues and are committed to promoting equality and eliminating unfair discrimination. We want our services to be accessible to everyone and be responsive to the needs of the communities we serve.

And this isn’t just ‘talk’. We have a range of initiatives to continually improve our inclusivity, including:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Panel: Meeting four time a year, this group of colleagues develop our equality plan and report back to the Board.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy: Outlining our approach to equality, diversity and inclusion.
  • LBGT+ Allies: Our colleagues sign up to promote an inclusive workplace.
  • Stonewall Charter: We’re Stonewall Diversity Champions, to help create a more inclusive and safe workplace.
  • Unity over Division Charter: Unite the Union’s charter focuses on race, ethnicity, religion and nationality. We uphold the charter’s five key principles, working towards a more inclusive and harmonious place of work.