Rent increase

From April 2020 our weekly affordable rent charge will be changing. For the first time in five years your rent charge will be going up. Here’s why…

As a registered provider of social housing we’ve followed the Government’s 'Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016 - social rent reduction' and applied a 1% reduction on rents each year from 2016 to 2019.

For April 2020 the Government and the Regulator of Social Housing allows us to increase rents for the first time in five years.

In line with government policy, we’ve decided to increase our rents by 2.7%*.

Why the increase?

We believe that the 2.7% rise will allow us to keep rents affordable and also give us the money we need to invest in existing services.

We’ll use the extra money to improve:

  • Fire safety, in line with the Grenfell Tower Inquiry report recommendations
  • The energy efficiency of our homes
  • Our engagement and tenancy support services.

This money will help us to fulfil our mission: “To provide high-quality, low-cost housing services and support for more people in need.”

Service charge cap

Customers that contribute to the upkeep of communal services or areas may pay an additional service charge on top of their rent.

Due to mounting costs, some schemes have seen a significant increase in service charge costs this year.

To reduce the financial impact of these increases, we’ve decided to limit (cap) the increase at £3.50 per week, for the financial year 2020/2021**. NCHA will fund the difference.

We’re here to help

We know that some customers may find it hard to pay an increased rent or service charge. We’re here to help: please call us on 0800 013 8555 / 0115 844 3150.

* The increase is based on the annual change in the Consumer Price Index for the previous September (which in 2019 was 1.7%) plus 1%.
** For the small number of properties that received a negative service charge for 2019/2020, their service charge will be set at £3.50 per week for 2020/2021.