Prepare your plants for summer

It’s easy for your garden or houseplants to become overgrown, especially with all the sunshine and showers we’ve been having.

Cutting your grass, trimming hedges or adding window boxes and houseplants can go a long way to brightening up your home. It may even encourage your neighbours to get gardening too!

Check out these simple ways to prepare your plants for summer:

  • Now that the frost has passed, plant out half-hardy annuals and summer bedding plants. Ensure that bedding plants are deadheaded regularly to keep them flowering all summer long.
  • Water early and late in the day for the best results and start collecting then recycling water where possible.
  • Continue to weed beds and borders regularly. This reduces your plants’ competition for water and nutrients.
  • Apply lawn weed killer to your lawn this month. Install lawn edging to keep edges tidy and smarten up beds and borders.
  • Look after your finished spring bulbs for next year. Once they’ve gone over, resist the temptation to cut back the foliage. Instead, let it die and break down on its own and add liquid fertiliser all around the clumps. This will give you an even better display next spring.
  • Feed container plants every two to four weeks.
  • Think about rearranging your house plants. Some can handle direct sunlight better than others.
  • If your home’s hot, misting will help houseplants that like moisture. Get a spray bottle and mist them with water every few days.
  • Grow hanging baskets in good quality compost with lots of nutrients. Plants grown in a small area need a good head start to flourish.

Our Garden competition

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