Payments 30 April – 4 May

A nationwide error has affected some of our customers’ payments.

The issue affected payments made between 30 April and 4 May that were paid via Direct Debit, online payments and payments made through our telephone payment service.

In many of these cases payment has now been taken, but at a later date than expected. There is a risk that this may have resulted in an overpayment or duplicate payments.

We apologise to any customers who are affected by this. We are working hard with our providers to sort the issue out, and ensure customers are impacted as little as possible.

Our advice

We recommend all customers check the status of their payments to NCHA from 30 April to date.

• If you notice that an expected payment has not been taken from your account, please ensure you leave sufficient funds in your account to cover the amount. If the payment has not been taken out of your account after 16 May, please contact us.

• If a Direct Debit didn’t come out of your account as expected, you made a payment to cover this amount and then the original payment has been taken, this may have resulted in a double payment. Please contact your bank to reclaim the Direct Debit payment through the Direct Debit guarantee.

• If you made a payment via card / payment line or internet payment, the payment didn’t come out and you have paid again, this may have resulted in a double payment. If this has happened, please contact your bank. If these payments have the same authorisation code ask your bank to recall one of the payments. If your bank are not able to do this, please contact us.