New complaints process

Following customer feedback on our complaints process, we’ve put together a new, slimmed down two-stage process:

  • Stage one
    A thorough investigation of your complaint by the relevant service manager.
    If you’re not happy with the outcome of the investigations, you can request a review of your complaint.
  • Stage two
    A review of the investigation by a senior manager.
    If you remain unhappy with the response at stage two, we will tell you how to contact other organisations for further advice. 

When we receive a complaint, we’ll reply with an acknowledgement letter within three working days and respond to the complaint fully within 20 working days. If more time is needed to resolve the issue, the deadline can be extended by a further ten working days.

As part of our new approach, we will continue to look at the results of complaint investigations to improve services and work to ensure the same thing doesn’t happen again.

We’re no longer recording what we refer to as ‘grumbles’, as we now hope to capture the issue as is it brought to us and take action to resolve it there and then. This will also help us to identify areas where we can improve our services.