Hanging with ‘The Green Man’

Lockdown has seen many of us having a new found dedication to DIY or gardening.

Tony from Nottingham or ‘The Green Man’ as he’s known in his community is doing just that. He’s using his skills to brighten up the communal gardens for the residents where he lives.

In the past, he’s worked at Wollaton Park, on the Radcliffe-on-Trent Golf Course and for Nottingham’s Education department, tidying up local schools.

“I’m always outside, that’s why I’m so fit”, he says about his experience of gardening.

He’s worked tirelessly to create a space that’s nice for him and the residents he lives with. It’s well kept with socially-distanced seating, to allow older residents to sit outside together. Not only that, but he’s put in lights and little fun features, such as butterflies on the fence for children to enjoy.

Tony told us about his favourite plants: “I like the roses I do, they just keep flowering and flowering. What else do I like? I like the aster, they’ve all got nice red berries on them and they spread like wildfire.”

Tony even found a trustworthy contractor to source the planters and the structures that have really made the garden take shape. Well done Tony and a big thank you to the estates officer who shared Tony's story with us.

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If you need inspiration, take a look at the pictures below, we think they speak for themselves!