An update on repairs

We’re aware that some customers are experiencing delays with repairs, and at times we haven’t meet our service standards.

Unfortunately there are a number of reasons for the current issues. We’re still feeling the aftermath of the pandemic and the restrictions that were placed on us. This is in addition to a national shortage of tradespeople and certain materials, which we and our contractors are struggling with.

We’re sorry that you’re not getting the service you need from us. This is not the level of service we strive to deliver and we’re working behind the scenes to resolve the situation.

Our Property Services team and contractors are working through the backlog and will contact you to arrange appointments for outstanding repairs. In the meantime, if your repair becomes more urgent please contact us.

Getting answers to quick queries

Throughout our website, we’ve listed information to help you get your queries answered quickly.

In our repairs section, you’ll find answers to common questions. Additionally, in our manage my home section, there’s advice on maintaining different areas of your home.