Lending our support to National Voices

by Holly Dagnall
Director of Homes and Wellbeing

These are unprecedented times, and we are dealing with challenges that we have never had to face before.

Many of these issues, we simply cannot resolve alone. This week we have added our voice to a national statement on the treatment of people living with mental or physical ill health or disability.

Partnering up with over 70 other care providers, we support the 'National Voices' statement that all people should be treated on a case by case basis.

It is essential that equality and human rights are upheld as we live through this crisis and we absolutely believe that there should be no blanket ban on groups of people receiving treatment, particularly as a result of age or disability.

We believe that the only deciding factor in a person’s level of medical treatment, should be down to that individual’s situation and likelihood they will recover and return to a good quality of life.