Getting fit for 50

We’ve got an ambitious change programme as we head towards our 50th birthday.

Reaching 50 will be a real milestone for us and quite rare for organisations in our sector.

Current events have highlighted the work our sector does to provide high quality, low-cost housing, services and support for people in need. Now more than ever, we’ve seen the need for a safe place to call home.

As we look to the future we want to be in the best position to continue providing affordable and social housing to those who need it. Whether we’re providing a home or supporting people in their own homes, we want to help others.

That’s why we’ve created our Fit for 50 change programme. It’s designed to get the whole organisation moving in the same direction. From investing in our people to meeting the changing needs of our customers, we’ll be working towards a single, shared goal.

Our focus

With a combination of projects across our organisation, we’ll be improving our services to continue as a strong, viable organisation.

This includes work in four key areas:

  • Our customers: happy, engaged and loyal customers.
  • Our business: strong, stable and viable services.
  • Our people: engaged, innovative and motivated people.
  • Our places: great places to live and work.

By the time we get to our 50th birthday we’re determined to be fitter and stronger, so we’ll be ready to meet the next 50 years.

We’re really proud of our history and our future will depend on us working collectively to respond to the changing pressures on our sector.

It’s not a quick fix, but we’re listening to you to ensure that you stay at the heart of our plans.

Our customers, our business, our people and our places are all essential to the work we do.

Providing improvements in all four areas will help us to continue our mission of more homes, great services and better lives.