Coming back to work after retirement

Rama used to work in the Income team for Leicester City Council.

She decided to retired in 2019 to spend more time with her family, especially Ahaana her granddaughter.

However, she found that the extra time at home wasn’t for her and she wanted to get back into work.

“I’ve been working since I was 16”, she says. “Being a home all the time was a bit strange, it wasn’t for me. Being in the same job for so long I hadn’t had an interview in years and I needed to create a new CV.”

She uploaded her CV to a jobs site to see what opportunities were out there. Then she got a phone call from an agency saying they’d found a job she might be interested in.  

“A quick interview was booked in next couple of days in Nottingham. As I live in Leicester, at first I wasn’t sure that I’d want to travel for work. But I decided to give it a go anyway, at least for the experience.”

Rama’s always felt a bit nervous about interviews as “you never know what to say sometimes”. However, she was interviewed by a manager who made her feel comfortable and relaxed.

She was offered a temporary contract working in the Your Money Matters team. Since then, she’s excelled in her role and has been offered a permanent positon with us.

The team works across the East Midlands supporting customers to manage their rent account. They help customers to maximise their income by providing advice on money and benefits.

Rama enjoys getting the chance to help customers, especially during this tricky time.

“I’m in a really great team, who encourage each other. My manager just allows me to get on with the work of helping customers. There’s no pressure and it’s really supportive here.”

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