Carry on building

The coronavirus pandemic caused many businesses to close their doors. In March 2020 many construction sites closed and did not re-open again until July/August 2020.

Once building began again, we quickly remobilised and created new procedures to work safely. The government encouraged the continued development of new homes and thankfully the building sector was less affected by the pandemic than others.

2020/21 was a challenging financial year, but we still managed to build 347 new homes across the East Midlands. This was just a little short of our 420 original target. Our ambition for the year ahead is to recover this shortfall and for 2021/22 we’re aiming to build 500 new homes.

The challenges ahead

While coronavirus has had an impact over the last 18 months, we’ve also experienced issues with the material supplies and higher prices. Since Brexit there also seems to be fewer lorry drivers.

As we consider the future and increased material prices, modern methods of construction (MMC) may become more viable. We’ll pursue this through our Building Better alliance, using off-site manufacturing to build high-quality, energy-efficient homes.

Whatever challenges lie ahead, we’re confident in our ability to continue providing more homes for local people.