A fresh look for Albert Ball

Captain Albert Ball VC Memorial Homes is one of our almshouses located in Lenton, Nottingham. The main building and the cenotaph (memorial) were built in 1922, in memory of Albert Ball a local fighter pilot who died during World War I. They are two star listed properties, falling in the top 8% of all listed buildings in England.

We’ve undertaken work to restore and preserve the cenotaph, which was completed in September 2020. We’ve also replaced the windows adding secondary glazing, as well updates to the path and boundary wall.

The building also received a fresh paint and brickwork repairs alongside us completing roofline work.

It’s so important to preserve the character of our almshouses, so we’re really happy that this work’s been completed.

About our almshouses

Our almshouses are a form of social housing. They’re typically funded by a charity, sometimes from a donation made by a family or religious group.

We manage almshouses all over the East Midlands, providing support to the charities that administer them. As trustees, we’re responsible for maintaining and preserving the history of these properties.