Returning to work after a career break

Emma shares her story about joining NCHA after a 13 year career break.

Emma joined Orchard Street in Hucknall in 2015 as a Care Assistant having not worked for 13 years.

Orchard Street is a registered care service for people with mental health. The service employs 16 people and supports 12 service users.

“My daughter has autism and I was her full-time carer until she joined a residential school at the age of 13. I knew I wanted and needed to return to work so I started looking on job websites where I came across the advert for a Care Assistant at Orchard Street.

“My initial thought after such a long career break was - this wasn’t going to be easy and that I needed some practice at interviews! I went along to an interview at Orchard Street feeling quite relaxed because I didn’t think I would get the job, I just wanted to build my confidence in an interview situation.

“They asked me a question about autism and I think I went into auto pilot and confidently answered their questions and even shocked myself!

“I was offered the job and thought I would give it ago. It has certainly given me a greater insight into mental health and opened my eyes. I was quite naive when I first joined, but I have been supported by experienced colleagues who showed me the ropes and supported me with a range of training and continuous industry updates.

“I have built trusting relationships with my service users. I treat them like they are an extension to my family. They can be funny but never scary. All I want to do is help them live a better life. If I don’t know the answer, I will try and find out. I am always learning something new. As they say, every day is a school day!

“I haven’t looked back, I love my job. After two years of being a Care Assistant I was promoted to Support Worker and given extra responsibilities. Eight years later I am still working in the same service, but delighted to have just received a promotion. I will be the new Manager at Palmwood Court in Nottingham. I am ready for my next challenge!"

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