Sharing my voice

Customer feedback helps us to improve our services to the people we support.

That’s why we’ve been looking for customers to join our Care Committee. This important committee reports directly into our Board, providing the opportunity for customers to give feedback that helps make real changes.

Sarah’s recently joined the Care Committee, after successfully applying for a role.

She’s lived at our project at Saxon Court in Northampton for over a year now and colleagues there encouraged her to get involved.

“I was interested in learning about NCHA’s processes”, Sarah said. “I’m always looking for ways to make things better, even at Saxon Court. This gives me another way to do that. ”

At Saxon Court, we’ve recently adapted the communal space, so it’s more accessible for multiple wheelchair users. Sarah was a big part of this change, with the team taking her feedback onboard to improve the service for everyone. The customers go bowling together and have a TV in the communal area to build a social community.

Sarah’s no stranger to being a representative for her community. She volunteers with Pets As Therapy, taking Ollie, her assistance dog, to local schools and hospitals.

She also does freelance work with Article 39, which fights for children rights in institutionalized settings.

“I’m really looking forward to my role at NCHA”, says Sarah. “I’m a bit of nerd like that, but I just like to learn about new things. I just want to do my bit to improve the experience for all service users at NCHA.”

We are pleased to give Sarah a warm welcome onto the Care Committee.