Homeless support at Linby Drive

At Linby Drive in Nottingham we provide supported accommodation for homeless adults.

Earlier this year the team welcomed a mum and her two adult daughters. The family were fleeing domestic abuse and visibly affected by their ordeal – but the change in their demeanour, as they settled into their new, safe environment was almost instantaneous.

The team at Linby Drive offered emotional support, provided clothing and household items and eventually helped them to apply for a more permanent home and secure work.

One of the daughters explains in her own words:

“Linby Drive was the most peaceful place I and my family had ever been. It wasn’t just about the place or how beautiful it is, but about how caring and helpful the staff were.

“I never felt unsafe or scared being there as I had felt some time ago.

“That place was like our rescuer (saviour). We never lacked any basic necessities, as they were provided as soon as they were asked for. We arrived at Linby Drive with a plastic bag but we left with boxes filled with lots of clothes, shoes, bags etc. And a lot of donations came from the NCHA staff who didn’t even know us but they offered to help.

“They helped us with all our housing applications and when it was time for us to move out we didn’t want to since we felt as though we were at our home with our family. But we moved out and these fantastic staff still keep an eye on us and they always want to know what is going on in our lives.

“They recommended some work places for us and even offered to serve as referees for us.

“I would keep on complimenting Linby Drive always because it is the most peaceful house I have been in this world, and I would say that place was my heaven.”