Breaking the cycle of abuse

Derbyshire WISH have developed new programmes to help to prevent domestic abuse.

They provide accommodation and outreach support to survivors of domestic abuse. While these services are essential, they must be matched with prevention and intervention strategies that help to prevent abuse.

To support this goal, Derbyshire WISH have two new programmes called ‘Changes’ and ‘Choices’. Designed with a focus on prevention, these programmes will be aimed at adult perpetrators and preventing young people from becoming perpetrators.


The Changes programme is aimed at adults who want to stop their use of violence or abuse.

The programme has two parts, including:

  • Facilitators working with perpetrators in a group or one to one setting
  • Safety workers working with survivors through one to one support and safety planning.

The programme offers a risk and needs led response, working towards behavioural and attitude change, while prioritising the safety of victims. The emphasis is on changing perpetrators’ behaviours, beliefs and attitudes towards domestic abuse.

Derbyshire WISH aim to break the cycle of abuse, encouraging changes within families, so they develop a greater understanding of healthy relationships.

Funded by the Ministry of Justice and Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, this is an accredited Respect programme.


The Choices programme offers group work and intensive, one-to-one support to children and young people at risk of harming others.

The aims of the programme include:

  • Addressing and reducing abusive tendencies at the earliest possible stage
  • Helping children and young people to make positive life choices
  • Preventing young people from becoming adult perpetrators of domestic abuse
  • Supporting survivors.

Those who access the programme are some of the most vulnerable, identified by social care, police and teachers as needing support. Many will have experienced adverse childhood experiences and their families may often be in crisis.

Derbyshire WISH will work to intervene and provide support for young people to live a life free from abuse.

Funded through the Lottery, the Ministry of Justice and Derbyshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, Choices is an accredited Respect programme.

Help us to support local people

We’ve got job vacancies for a Choices and Changes programme manager and Changes group facilitators and safety workers. These vacancies are open to candidates of all genders.