Aging with dignity

At NCHA, we take great pride in helping to improve the long-term health and wellbeing of our residents.

At Monmouth Court in Worksop we have provided attractive, discreet and dual-purpose products to aid mobility and better support residents as they age.

The site opened in January 2021, and provides long-term accommodation to those over the age of 60 (or over 55 with a medical condition). There are 17 bungalows, which have all been fitted with innovative age-friendly products from a company called Invisible Creations.

The products
The age-friendly products include a plant pot holder, mirror, shower shelf and shower riser rail and are all dual-purpose. They have been designed to remove the stigma of age-related products, in part by making them look like everyday decorative items. The items provide support without drawing attention to the fact that the home belongs to an older or vulnerable person.

What do our residents think?
Elsie, 88, who is partially blind says the products have made a noticeable difference to her independence.

“I feel more confident and steady on my feet knowing the grab rails are in place. I used to be scared of slipping in the shower, so I feel much safer with them. I am really happy. They look beautiful and they don’t stand out like the ones I had fitted in my old house.”

Joan, aged 75, said “They help me feel safe and secure, whilst being discreet.”

Charlotte Nye, manager at Monmouth Court, said: “Everyone has the right to a home that meets their needs and we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise when adapting your home. We are delighted that these products are giving our residents more independence and supporting them to have a better quality of life.”

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