A new social space for Lombard Street

We know how important having access to outside spaces is. Where possible, we complete projects to create and refresh communal spaces for customers. 

We recently renovated the garden at Lombard Street. In seven days, we changed the previously disused space, into a nice area with fresh paving. As a service where we support people with mental health needs, it’s really important for customers to socialise and enjoy the benefits of nature. 

Alison Gregory, Lombard Street Manager, adds:

“We’ve long believed in the importance of environment and having a practical, usable space so we were very happy to get the green light to have this wasted space put to good use.

“We plan to get some planters and outdoor games to cheer the space up and make it feel more like home. This will be a working progress, but we hope that it will help to improve the service users' wellbeing at Lombard Street.”

 Lombard-street-social-space lombard-street-plants