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10 July 2018

NCHA seeks stakeholder feedback

Earlier this year NCHA commissioned Ampersand Research to undertake a survey of its stakeholders. A wide range of external colleagues, officials and authorities were invited to take part in an independent interview with a view to understanding how well the organisation is perceived and valued.

In the midst of a period of change for NCHA (a change in leadership, changes to directorates and a launch of new values), it was a useful time to hear other people’s experiences of working with NCHA, therefore allowing the group to prioritise areas for growth and improvement.

The results formed an insightful and positive report:

After 45 years of operation in the East Midlands, NCHA is seen as strong, well recognised and well respected. It was acknowledged that the services they provide are innovative, clever and enable better lives.

NCHA’s legacy and founding social purpose featured heavily in the feedback, with stakeholders commenting: “It’s evident that the individuals they support are very much at the heart of their business. They do their very best for people, not only to provide housing, but to enhance their lives.”

The report showed that NCHA staff are highly regarded: “They are committed to what they do, they are hardworking and are committed to the people.”

Paul Moat, incoming CEO of NCHA said: “Thank you to all those who took part in our survey, the results will form a strong basis for our future business plans.

“It’s been a really interesting exercise and we are very happy with the results. It’s reassuring to have our values and approach reaffirmed by those we work with, and encouraging to know that our purpose to support vulnerable people in our community is so highly valued.”