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Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Every two years NCHA carries out a tenant satisfaction survey which is based on a standard series of questions along with a few extra questions on behalf of the Communications Team. Towards the end of 2017, 1,999 tenants were sent the survey by letter and email; with 668 residents replying - which is slightly more than in 2016. The standard questions asked whether residents were satisfied with their homes, the repairs service, their neighbourhoods and the overall service provided by NCHA, if they felt that the rent and service charge they pay represents good value for money and if they think NCHA listens and reacts to their views

A full report detailing all the survey results is available to read: Star Survey results 2017/18

91% of respondents were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the overall service provided by NCHA (6% were dissatisfied). This excellent result is equal to the satisfaction recorded in 2016. Compared to NCHA’s HouseMark benchmarking partners, NCHA has the highest satisfaction level for this question and three of the other questions.

Respondents were asked how satisfied they were with the overall quality of their home and their neighbourhood as a place to live. 85% were satisfied with the overall quality of their home (10% dissatisfied) and 85% were satisfied with their neighbourhood as a place to live (10% dissatisfied).

In terms of satisfaction with rent and service charges, and whether they represent value for money, 86% of tenants were very or fairly satisfied with their rent (5% dissatisfied) which is an increase of 4% from 2016. 71% were satisfied with the service charges they paid, which is a decrease of 5% from 2016 (14% dissatisfied).

Our repairs and maintenance service satisfaction barely changed with 83% of tenants either very or fairly satisfied (12% dissatisfied).

Finally, we asked people whether NCHA listened to their views and acted upon them. 74% were very or fairly satisfied in this area (10% dissatisfied), which is a slight increase from 2016.

Additional questions were asked about internet access, website usage and how tenants receive information from NCHA. Results included the fact that 71% of tenants have personal access to the internet and 8% often access NCHA’s website.