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Pelham Homes

Pelham Homes Limited (previously Lets Select Ltd) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Nottingham Community Housing Association (NCHA) Group. It was incorporated in 2004 as a commercial company to carry out any profit-making activity within the Group.

Their main activity is providing housing for sale and market rent. Other activities include services such as architectural design and project management with the aim of generating a profit.

Principally, the aim of Pelham Homes is to generate profits that will be gift-aided back to NCHA to help it add more social value to the wider community. This “profit for a purpose” approach also feeds into the NCHA Group’s wider value-for-money objectives.

Pelham Homes vision

“Building profit for a purpose”

Pelham Homes values

  • To apply an ethical and sustainable approach to all business activities
  • To achieve value for money in all areas of business
  • To meet the needs of local communities, Local Authorities and partner organisations
  • To maximise opportunities to work in partnership with stakeholders

To find out more about the work of Pelham Homes, read the Corporate Plan 2018-2023