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11 September 2019

Celebrating your summer garden

We've picked the winners of the NCHA Garden Competition.

For some there’s no visually bigger statement about ourselves than our gardens. To celebrate the many green fingers there are among our customers, we held a summer garden competition.

As a qualified gardener, we invited Ben Skipper*, one of our customers, to join the judging panel along with a group of NCHA employees.

All 30 entrants had fantastic gardens and everyone should be proud of their work. There were great examples of rejuvenated gardens and colourful displays of potted and hanging plants.

The three winning gardens were well designed, with exceptional splashes of bright colour and well-chosen plants that complimented one another.

First prize went to Kim Dodd, with her selection of ornaments and pots complimenting beautifully finished privet edging. The front garden, is bordered with a swathe of lavender, a small bed featuring roses and a beautiful hornbeam. A small area has also been set aside for strawberries and different succulents, decorated in a nautical theme with starfishes and shells.

Second place went to Mr and Mrs Purseglove with their cottage gardens. The front garden is lined with a series of potted fuchsia to one side and lavender on the other.

The back garden features a sweep of lawn bottomed out with a small gravel garden, highlighting the texture and shape of the plants in its border. Masses of fuchsia frame the lawn's borders and are joined with flowering bedding plants and sunflowers. The garden is also home to rescued battery hens, adding another twist to its many uses.

Third place went to Mr and Mrs Eite and the breathtaking blazes of colour in their garden. Bedding plants and bulbs fill out the borders, with hanging baskets and planters. Dots of warm colour from violas and pansies also add depth to the borders. The garden also has a small rocky corner, surrounded by evergreen shrubs and ferns. Meanwhile to the front, the warm colour theme continues with well thought out planters and pots.

If you’d like to show off your gardens then please consider entering next year’s competition as we’d love to see and share your work.

*Special mentions also go to Ben for helping to write this article.