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06 August 2019

Celebrating great interactions

We’re helping our customers to connect with their local community.

Part of our commitment to providing good care and support means going beyond just helping with our customers’ wellbeing. We also encourage them to pursue their interests and help them to make meaningful connections in their local community.

Neville, one of the people we support at Watcombe Circus has a keen interest in politics and will often like to discuss local issues.

Recently, he caught up with Adele Williams, a local Nottingham Councillor, who offered to come and visit him at Watcombe Circus.

They sat together for over an hour and talked about all sorts of issues. For example, Neville doesn’t agree with Brexit and that the Prime Minister should've only been chosen by members of the Conservative Party, which Adele agreed with.

Adele and Neville discussed hospital parking and companion bus passes. They both agreed that people shouldn’t have to pay for hospital parking and Neville thinks there shouldn’t be time restrictions on companion bus passes.

Lastly, they spoke about positive changes in Nottingham including lower pollution levels and the Broadmarsh Centre redevelopment.

Adele said: “It was great to talk to Neville, who like most Sherwood residents, has strong views on everything from Brexit to travel. I came away with a few things to follow up and think about and I really enjoyed my visit – thanks for having me!”

Adele would love to hear what you think about these and other issues - you can contact her at