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01 February 2019

Celebrating dignity in care

We’re supporting Dignity Action Day, an annual opportunity to support health and social care workers, and members of the public in upholding people's rights to dignity and providing a great service for people who use care services.

This year, we’re celebrating the day, by recognising our Personalised Support Teams (PSTs) in the north and south who have recently received the Option 2 Dignity Award, which relates to the Dignity in Care campaign, launched in November 2006.

The campaign's core values are about having dignity in our hearts, minds and actions, changing the culture of care services and placing a greater emphasis on improving the quality of care and the experience of citizens using services including NHS Hospitals, community services, care homes and home support services.

It includes action to:

  • Raise awareness of dignity in care 
  • Inspire local people to take action 
  • Share good practice and give impetus to positive innovation 
  • Transform services by supporting people and organisations in providing dignified services 
  • Reward and recognise those people who make a difference and go that extra mile 

To achieve this award, they proved that dignity is embedded through their services and completed written submissions, demonstrating their commitment to supporting customers to live independently and recognising their different support needs as individuals, evidenced through on-site assessments by Derbyshire County Council. All in all, it was a great effort by our teams to demonstrate our commitment to providing great services for our customers.

Tracey Ward, Contracts Manager for Personalised Support and Assistive Technology, comments: "On Dignity Action Day I would like all to celebrate the achievements of the PST Teams in securing these awards. This highlights a more respectful way of behaving towards vulnerable people. The very old and the very young clearly need our respect, we need to spread the dignity message across the population then we can all benefit."