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27 November 2017

White Ribbon Day 2017 - Day one

At a quiet suburban location, three residents at one of our domestic abuse refuges told their story:

"I have been here for 14 days. My child has been really scared that the perpetrator will find us, but things are getting better, [the child] is already settled at school. I’m very self-sufficient, and I just want to get on with my life now.

“A social worker brought us here. The first weekend was awful and I nearly went back. But the staff have been brilliant. I’m now ready to talk about it.

“This is a really nice refuge; it’s a lovely place to stay. I feel really safe. There are secure gates and CCTV everywhere. We have panic buttons in our flats that lead straight to SMaRT.”

"Women’s Aid brought me here a few months ago. I felt guilty to start with, that my ex would miss out on the children’s milestones, but the staff are available any time I need to speak to someone. I feel safe and secure now.

“I put up with his violence for four years. I guess I was just waiting for this big ‘thing’ to happen, to eventually make me leave. The day I left, one of the children got hurt. I can’t forgive myself. The children were scared of him. What was I thinking of, bringing children into that situation?

“If this place didn’t exist I’d still be there, being beaten. I was isolated. I had no friends, no family. I’d have nowhere to go without this place.”

"I lived here for six months. I was desperate and scared. I had nothing, but I felt really secure. I felt culturally isolated initially and the staff helped me; they guided me.

“Now, I can’t believe what my ex-husband did, and that I didn’t leave sooner. I was numb, I became blind to it. But I’m not scared of him anymore.

“When I left my husband, I lost my entire family. The staff here, they become your new family.”

“The domestic abuse services we offer across the East Midlands are vital. They provide a place for survivors to recover and begin to rebuild their lives. The dedication and compassion of our staff make such a difference to many people’s lives.”
Mike Andrews, Chief Executive, NCHA


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