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Tenant Satisfaction Surveys

Every two years NCHA, like most other housing associations, arrange a tenant satisfaction survey based on a standard series of questions. Towards the end of 2015, 2,002 homes were surveyed on a sample basis, and 657 residents replied.

The survey asked if residents were satisfied with their homes and neighbourhoods, levels of rent and service charges, our repairs service and satisfaction with NCHA overall.

A full report detailing all the survey results is available to read: Star Survey results 2016

The survey results show that 91% of respondents were very satisfied or fairly satisfied with the overall service provided by NCHA. Only around one in twenty residents (5%) were dissatisfied.

Of the survey's respondents 85% were satisfied with the overall quality of their home (9% dissatisfied) and 85% were satisfied with their neighbourhood, as a place to live (8% dissatisfied).

NCHA residents were then asked if their rent provides value for money; the majority of respondents (82%) were satisfied, while only 8% were dissatisfied. When asked if their service charges represented value for money, 76% of respondents said they were satisfied, and 13% dissatisfied.

How we compare

HouseMark benchmarking: Housemark is a nationally recognised organisation who provide a range of services to housing providers such as NCHA. These services include sharing of good practise and comparing the costs and performance of key services such as repairs and dealing with anti-social behaviour across a number of different housing providers.

This comparison is called "benchmarking" and is a good way for NCHA to see how we’re performing compared to other providers and whether we offer good value for money to our tenants. NCHA's membership of HouseMark allows us to compare the quality and the costs of key service areas, such as dealing with anti-social behaviour and our repairs service - with other similar housing organisations. The information received from HouseMark is then used to look at ways we can reduce our costs, whilst at the same time improving the quality of our services.

Take a look at our Housemark Dashboard here

The comparative data received from HouseMark is not an end in itself, but points us to where there may be areas for improvement upon which to act

Complaints reporting

Summaries of complaints received and outcomes:Summary of Complaints 2016-17